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Dec 15, 2008 by

since dave became a lead pastor two years ago, he has taken mondays as his sabbath. we call them “fun-day mondays”. i’m pretty sure that it was leelee who coined it as so ;) it’s our sacred day where we don’t talk church (trust me, we talk a lot of church. not in a bad way. really. just A LOT. it’s his job, you know. and what we do is a lot of who we are, isn’t it?) and we just enjoy each other and our love doves. this is what we usually do:

sometimes we go out and get breakfast at a little place down the road called the milk bottle. i call it the milky bottle. their breakfast is oh so good, and it’s quiet, and quaint, and inexpensive. bliss.

we typically go to the library each monday to get elias some new books and usually a new movie of sorts. whatever he’s into at the moment (“the yi-yon show!” [madagascar], books about “fiyrtrucks“, “nemo shuckbite {sharkbait} show!” [finding nemo], etc). he’ll run and look at books, find one with a jacket that looks interesting and say “read it to me, mummy!” as he takes a seat at one of their mini tables. so cute. we love the library. i typically take out magazines. maybe better homes and gardens…or this old house (now i subscribe, actually, so no longer)…sometimes people if it looks interesting :) dave tends to read sci-fi series. he takes out books that are like 800 pages. it’s his favorite “non-church” reading. i like to buy books much more than take them out of the library (unless they’re fiction) because i like to write in books, and the librarians tend not to appreciate that so much. so i’ll take them out to see if i want to buy them. and then i go on amazon and buy a nice used copy. i think it’s brilliant because there’s nothing worse than buying a book and thinking “way to go author, you said nothing i haven’t heard a bazillion times already.”

we tend to hit up wal-mart on mondays (“wulmaht!!!”) for diapers and other randoms. elias loves that they have a “doy stoah” (toy store) inside. he lays around in the aisles like he lives there, presses every button he can find, whacks me with swords, and desperately pleads for me to “take it out mummy” so he can play with the toys for real.

then we come home for lunch and nap time, then sometimes we’ll watch a show or take a nap, or i’ll do laundry and dave will read, or any number of combinations. today davey fell asleep watching the rest of the football game we didn’t finish last night (on TiVo {best xmas gift ever}) and i am blogging/doing laundry/cleaning up the house. both kids are sleeping. GLORIOUS!

and the icing on this delicious cake? i’m going out with leelee for girl time tonight!! back to our old stomping ground: burlington coat factory for some cheap but chic accessories to glam up our house dresses, and then hopefully to the better bean (formerly the daily grind, or dg, as we called it. much better name, i think, but they never ran it by me to see what i thought) for a latte. we never get lattes, but i consider all yummy coffee-type beverages lattes. it just sounds better than saying “i’m going out to get a coffee.” boring.

mondays are my favorite. it’s like having a day where we don’t exist. no one is looking for us, no one needs us. well, except scibbles and bibbles. but that’s okay. we love them, so we’re cool with fulfilling their basic needs for food, rest, and play.

life is good. but life is even better on mondays.

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  1. sirkalicious so delicious

    ahh! i love your Mondays! next time i want to stab myself in the eye from a severe case of the Mooondays, i’ll think of my E sprinting around the library for firetruck books :)

  2. Michelle

    a little E goes a long way :)