new to me

Dec 11, 2008 by

i love new. new to me. new in the package. new ideas. new thoughts.

and especially new music. i LOVE music. it makes everything better…making dinner, road trips, rainy days, decorating a Christmas tree…you name it.

so today i am in love with the soulful music of adele. she’s from the UK, which makes me like her even more. london is cool. it just is. so you should google her if you haven’t already heard of her. i’m a mum, so i am not always current. i only aspire to be.

and new rhymes with thirty-two, so a BIG happy birthday to the most amazing man in the entire world. my husband that is. my deep blue sea. davey :) i like him much more than anything new. on the contrary i like him more and more the older he gets. he may be the exception to the “i love new” rule. especially because as he gets older, i see more and more white hairs- stark and beautiful against his jet black hair. be still my heart! just like george clooney. but better. dave does not share my sentiment about the white hair being sexy or desirable. he says they’re dead and broken. and i remind him that ALL hair is dead. he doesn’t understand. he’s just not as wise and cultured as i. someday, my love…

so something old, something new.

what is everyone else loving right now? do tell…

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