Dec 8, 2008 by

i want to write a book some day. it will be called “my deep blue sea.” the first line of the book will likely read this:

“my tendency is for overstatement.”

and it’s true. some call it opinionated…i call it “overstatement.” you’ll likely notice it if you read my blog. i have a tendency to be a bit ridiculous. it’s part of my humor, i guess. i like it.

there is much truth in humor, right? nothing like a little ridiculous to get you through the day…

so this is my blog, intended to be an outlet for thought and record of any worthwhile things. i decided i really want to be able to look back at this time in my life and remember. because for some reason, i never can. something to do with my two year old and 4 month old? maybe :)

well, i hope you enjoy my thoughts as much as i do. it’s a little crazy to me that people i know and people i don’t know may want to read this. but, hey, i’ve always had a lot to say…my 2 cents tends to be more like a dollar. hope you like my money!


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