some random thoughts for today

Dec 18, 2008 by

  • what the heck do i live under a rock? 8-10 inches is a lot of snow. and wouldn’t you know it, we’re bringing elias to a 2:30 appointment with a GI specialist all the way in weymouth. maybe we’ll just take the sleigh instead of the murano
  • elias cracks me up. we were talking about his cough medicine and he told me “cough mecine yutey mummy” to which i replied “it’s not that bad, elias. it’s sort of tasty” to which he replied deadpan “priey yutey, mummy” (pretty yucky mummy). he’s like “you’re not fooling me, mum. i tasted that stuff.” fair enough.
  • the fact that babies poop up their back after you get them changed and dressed. ahem, piper. and what is the funniest to me is there is no good way to get that dirty, mussed up onesie over their head. no good way. poop will get on you. or the poor baby’s head.
  • when kids decide they’re not taking a nap. eli slept until 8:30 this morning, and currently is in his bed singing the bob the builder theme song (boooob a builder. can we fix it. booob a builder. yuts we can! scooop muck dizzzyy roey too, lofty wen-nyy…), and counting (one…two…free…fourr…six…seven…twelve…). oh, and now he’s trying to open his locked door. (yes, we lock him in. the kid is literally macguyver. since he starting standing at 9 months, he’s been trouble. nothing is safe. ever.)

if he’s awake, i guess we should go christmas shopping!

p.s. the rat pack helped me get on my christmas cheer this morning. a little dean martin, frank sinatra and sammy davis jr. goes a long way :)

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