my sweet boy

Dec 12, 2008 by

why being a mom is great/joyful/fun/hilarious/adorable:

– moments like the one i just had where elias (2.5) said to me “make pi-ber yaff, mummy!” (make piper laugh, mummy). we just discovered two days ago that when elias jumps up and down, piper (5 mos) practically (or literally, who knows!) wets her pants laughing and screeching in delight. and as a big brother who has realized piper is just another small person, same as himself, he just adores interacting with her. he’ll lay his head next to her and talk to her (while he slyly puts her bink in his mouth, of course…), give her toys to play with, run to me if he hears her crying (“pi-ber sad, mummyyy” or he’ll pat her and say “no cry baby”), and bring me blankets for her (“baby pi-ber cowd [cold], mummy”). she just thinks everything eli does is delightful and hilarious, which is so charming and heart-warming to see. it’s like they already know that they’re in it together. i can only imagine when the two of them are running around wild. let’s just hope piper ends up being laid back and mellow…dare i say, quiet?

– those proud mom moments, like when elias simply blows my mind and name colors and shapes correctly. blows my mind! he knows at least 4 colors and at least a few shapes (that i know of)! does that mean kids actually DO listen when we talk?? what?! yesterday we were coloring with markers and he draws a circle. and it’s literally a circle. and he looks at me and says “mummy, yiyi (eli) draw a circo!” and then he told me to draw a circo, and i did, and he took his marker and made dots inside my circle and said to me “boo dots!” and they sure were. blue dots. and it’s magical to see them learn. and you just smile because you are so darn proud of them. it makes you realize that they are so eager to learn and their brains are just starving for more knowledge. imagine if we had the time to sit and teach them! i feel like i’m lucky he knows anything because i can barely get piper fed, myself dressed, meals made, and my teeth brushed! if i actually leave the house?! miraculous! see, God still does miracles.

these little moments were just on my mind, and i just HAVE to remember how sweet they are, because when my son turns around and smacks me in the head and i want to throw him across the room, moments such as these help me to find patience when i have none, sanity when it’s all lost, and joy when i feel seething madness.

i know i can’t be the only one…

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  1. Nick Inglis

    Yes, you may have the cutest son ever. I’m looking forward to seeing Piper’s personality come out…

  2. Michelle

    i honestly think God made him as cute as he is to keep him safe from harm :) i feel like two-year olds HAVE to be cute, otherwise they’d never survive…
    pip’s getting silly like elias. i think they may actually BOTH be little goofballs (be still my heart). she does have a little of the “stratton serious” in her, though…