why re:defined?

Dec 10, 2008 by

it’s hard to find a good name for a blog. you want it to mean something. i love when something has a good meaning.

once upon a time, my handsome husband dave and i lived in a little condo tucked in the woods of easton. i loved our condo. i had just given birth to our first babe, elias, and i was SO annoyed that nothing fit right/worked right/was designed right; nursing bras, clothes, everything needed to be better in my eyes. so i was lying in bed awake thinking about the company i would start to bring style, comfort, and affordability to women whose bodies are undergoing massive and crazy transformations. i envisioned so many genius designs. as a breastfeeding mum, i still have endless notions that would make this time easier. (no, i will not tell them to you. not until i make my millions.) as i lay there, i thought i might name my company (or at least have the label read) “re:define”. because when you have children, EVERYTHING is redefined.

i love what this word represents. so many things are constantly redefined to us as individuals: love, relationships, life, beauty, spirituality, our needs, what we like, our desires…

all the time. we evolve as people constantly. what we consider beautiful changes. what we consider fun changes. we always redefine things in our minds. it’s a good thing, too, because i don’t have much time to live life the way i used to, say, 3 years ago.

some people don’t like change. my best friend leelee, for example. hates it. and many of you out there. but i think i usually like change. and if i don’t, i try to respect it. because it’s inevitable.

and that’s why i love the idea of redefining. it’s giving new meaning. and who doesn’t like new?!

so tell me, what have you redefined?

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