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Jan 8, 2009 by

okay. my son is cracking me up the past couple days. he’s just always got something to say that is funny or quick-witted or by the very nature of him being 2 1/2, silly. i must share.

quotes of the day:
(i try my best to write his quote with the inflections he uses. even though he may say the words correctly, his little boston accent and his high pitched tone have to be accounted for. here’s my best rendition)

“mum, come wratsle me!” yes, wrestle. this kid loves to wrestle. he’s been taking innocent children and adults down by the neck for over a year.

elias wanted the “choochoo song on” so i told him to come give me a kiss. which he does. a nice long wet smooch, per his usual. he’s a lover and a fighter. i stand up to put his CD in the player and he grabs my leg and kisses it and says “big mooch on your dress!” which is funny because i was wearing my bathrobe. i love this kid. i’ll wear my bathrobe every day as long as someone thinks it’s a dress.

every night when i go to tuck him in he playfully looks at me and says “i scay-id mum” and he smirks and throws a sweet side glance as if i won’t notice he’s trying to play me. i love his little silly boston accent when it comes out.

today he said to me when we were driving in the car past a lake “get na-ed and go in there mum.” you know, 25 degrees, perfect time to get naked and go for a dip in a frozen pond. i mean, he’s a little fish, always has been, but i guess now we know he’s not joking around. summer or winter, he’s game.

yesterday, we’re playing with lightening mcqueen and mater from the movie Cars. i’m mater, and he crashes lmq into me. i pretend like mater’s sad, and elias looks at me and says “lining mcqueen sit time out hitting mater” then looks to mcqueen and says “no hit mater again. give mater hugs. take him out for dinner.” hahaha. dinner, too? time out’s not enough, the poor guy has to take him out to eat? man…

i say to elias “how old are you, eli?” and he says “two yeeaahhs oowwwdd” yup. cute.

today when i tucked elias in for a nap i whisper in his ear “i love you the MOST” to which he replies “no, i love YOU a most in the WORLD” and being competitive as i am, i say “no, i love YOU the most in the world.” and he says to me “i love you TWO TIMES a most in the world.”

okay. you win.

and where the heck did you learn to one-up me like that? and how do you know that two-times is more? he can’t be my kid if he understands math concepts…

kids are funny. i like funny. does that mean i like kids? hmm. that’s tough math…

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  1. Jessi

    Elias & Elias are going to have a blast playing cars together! But exactly how old is your E, because mine can't talk for anything – at least not like that! Also, do you have email or facebook so we can talk more… freely:)