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i feel like months are being torn from calendars like you see during montages in movies. months drifting away and suddenly, a year is gone. each passing month brings me closer to summer and the beach, so i’m okay with it, but it just feels so fast.

so hello, 2009. it’s nice to meet you.

now. i’m not one for resolutions. mostly they’re just unattainable ideals people set up and can’t keep up. but i am one for goal setting, however. and i have a few ideas of goals for myself personally. we all have something we can be working on, don’t we? so even if my husband tells me i’m perfect (which i find laughable), i am self-aware enough to know i don’t do everything well. just most things. kidding

this year i have some goals that i think i can manage to work on with a little help from the Lord. he’s the right guy to know for this kind of job.

1. i aspire to be more patient. which i hate to write, because the more i ask for it, the more opportunities God keeps giving me to work on it. if only he’d just make my children perfect angels. then i’d have no trouble at all. right?

2. i want to communicate better. feel my feelings (right, kristen?) and just talk. the irony about my aversion to talking and talking about everything is that my husband is in love with talking. he wants to hear what i think about everything, and it fills up his love tank* every time i do share with him. sooooo, yeah. i’m, a big loser.

*reference to an amazing book every married couple must read called love & respect by dr. emerson eggerichs. if you haven’t read it, you’re not cool, and you need to go order it online right now. with express shipping. seriously. right now. go.

3. i want to read more books. i LOVE books. and sometimes i forget and i need a great book to remind me. like the one i’m reading right now.

two words: rob bell. more on him soon.

4. i aspire to love God more like he loves me. (talk about unattainable ideals!) no, but i want to try, regardless of whether it’s possible or not. i just feel like i’m the bum in our relationship, and he loves me anyway, even though i’m not as good at loving him. i feel like perhaps i understand a little, having children of my own. you love them despite themselves, and when they tell you “stay home, mummy” at the beginning of a four hour car ride to vermont, you STILL love them. even though they’re straight out mean to you. and i think that’s a little taste of what it feels like for God. he created us, and then gave us the choice to love him or not. okay, that was a tangent.

5. to have fun and be more adventurous. truth is, i am fun. and silly. playfully jocular, even. but i’m not always the most adventurous. but i think i’d like to be more open to new things and experiences. i like what i like, but the problem with that approach is there are a heck of a lot of things i may also like…i just don’t know about them yet. time to find out…

and there are probably about another dozen things i could list, but those came to mind first, so i’ll try to not go all overachiever on my goal setting.

what about all of you out there? got any goals for 2009?

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  1. sirkalicious so delicious

    yes! feel your feelings. and then go crazy and say them aloud. i know — this is hard for middle children. but i’ll try if you try!