hit me baby one more time

Jan 6, 2009 by

(haha. sorry. i couldn’t help myself. finding a title is hard.)

but wow. i feel so inspired! fact is, i was totally having writers block when i noticed my blog reached 100 hits. thanks, everyone. i wish i could wow you with some deep and amazing thoughts today, but i’m tired and my brain is literally struggling to make cohesive sentences. in light of my current condition (i think they call it motherhood?), i’ll share a couple short eli anecdotes from this evening.

tonight at dinner, elias wants be to give him more of what we call fizzle. it’s bubbly flavored water, really. so he stands up on the bench, slides his empty cup to me and says “more fizzo in that cup, kayyy?!”, his voice rising ever so highly as he oh so matter-of-factly tells me what i need to do. and then he leans back, his little belly exposed as his hands reach behind his head, and lets out a big old belch.

it was so boy.

and so hilarious that i just lowered my head and tried not to drool out the food that was in my mouth. who is this small person?

and after dinner, instead of digesting, elias likes to run. you know, work off those calories straight away before the dust settles. so i chase him…and capture him…and tickle him. the standards. and then i spun him around a bunch (no, he doesn’t throw up, don’t worry) and when it’s all over he says to me:

“get busy againnn, mummy!” which is even funnier because he can say dizzy. dizzy is the cement mixer on bob the builder. we know and like her very much. but for some reason, when we’re spinning, we’re getting busy, so i just had to laugh.

a good end to a long day. a little laughter goes a long way for me.

again, i am humbled that you’re here to read about my little life. i’m glad you like it.

i know i do :)

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  1. WitchyEditor

    HI Michelle,

    It’s been a long time. I’ve been enjoying your blog. Hope you’ve had time to see mine. Looks like you are doing very well. Congrats on having two beautiful children and a very handsome husband :)

    Best wishes,
    Andrea Norville