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i started this blog last friday. yeah, almost a week ago. better late than never, right? here it is :)

as some of you may know, i took piper into orthopaedics at Mass General Hospital for Children today for a follow up on her hips.

here’s a little back story for some of my readers: when piper was 8 weeks old, she had a routine ultrasound because she was breech for some of her stint in the womb. results of that ultrasound showed she had hip dysplasia (ie, a problem with formation of her hip joint). she had to wear this awful harness for 8 weeks and i was so traumatized, i don’t even know if i have a photo of her in it. poor thing.

our last appointment was in september, and at that point, her ultrasound looked great, but they told me to finish her 8 weeks in the harness. hip dysplasia is tricky and may look like it’s gone but then it returns. we were encouraged by that appointment, though, and i felt at peace knowing God can handle healing her hips just fine. i still hated that blasted harness, though, and so did piper.

so we go in today (ie, last friday) and there is no sign of hip dysplasia in her tiny little bones and joints. her angles on her hips were perfect, and it was as if she never had any problem at all.

the doctor had reviewed the first ultrasound findings and there certainly was hip dysplasia evidenced in that film. he seemed a bit puzzled almost. it was gone!

a miracle!

it just reminds me that God is so much bigger than our little lives and problems. he is always in control of them, and he still works today miraculously. i think we just expect “red sea” type of scenarios, but this reminded me to be aware of small miracles…everyday miracles. because the israelites saw the red sea part and still they doubted.

and i see my daughter healed and wonder if maybe it was just a medical mistake or oversight.

but the only mistake is that i’m limiting God and his power. and the power of prayer. and forgetting the ways that God speaks and reveals himself. so i wanted to say to you all that we should never forget that God is working now- this very moment. that he’s making the impossible happen right before our eyes.

and we have a choice to either acknowledge it…or not. i don’t know about you, but i don’t want to be like those crazy israelites…

(for those of you who have never seen a pavlik harness, here is some cute baby in one.)

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  1. suzannah

    praise God for such a wonderful answer to prayer!