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Jan 12, 2009 by

in light of her 6 month birthday this friday…a closer look at my little girly girl, miss p:

well, i call her my chipper little bird. and it explains so much of her personality. she is lively, and happy, and chatty, and she always smiles.

cutest part? she has SO many dimples. and these cheeks that make you want to just bite her.

and these big blue saucers for eyes… and this dark hair (it is staying dark, we’ll see!)…

and her laugh is just too adorable. it breaks my heart. it sounds like those fake laughs you hear when you squeeze a baby doll. and she’s so ticklish! everywhere. her giggles are so intense that you start to wonder if she might just laugh so hard she cries.

AND she has the girliest little yell and shriek! she is always kick-kicking and punch-punching. always flapping. she is sitting up these days, almost independantly, which looks funny, because she is a tiny little thing (even though she’s actually tall). she also digging standing up and holding onto our fingers. elias finds this quite humorous.

piper also has this serious and concerned look. a bit of a furrowed brow, really. it’s what i call her “stratton serious” because no one in my family is very serious. we’re mostly a bunch of goofs. (except nikki maybe…hey sister, maybe YOU’RE the adopted one)

she is madly in love with elias, whom she watches with utter delight and fascination. he always makes her laugh and smile. they’re going to be double trouble before i know it.

things she likes right now:

being thrown up in the air. she curls up into a little ball of shrieking gladness.
sucking her bottom lip
pulling my hair…while eating/drooling on my face
chatting and shouting
playing with and eating toys
holding her feet in her hands
chewing on her pointer finger
and from time to time, sucking her thumb (which i adore)

some more snapshots…i can never resist.

pippa and jaxon :)

with alyssa making her crazy new bird face

sucking her thumb (be still my heart)

yeah…elias sticking his finger in her mouth. ‘what, mum, she’s chewing on it…’

take that, brother! how do you like it?!

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  1. Jessi


  2. melissa

    so adorable!

  3. joline

    oh my goodness she is such a cutie! Love the picture of her sucking her crib (the b/w one) she is a great mixture of you and Dave.
    I have been following your blog for a few weeks and haven’t commented yet so I wanted to say hello and I like your blog its part of my daily blog read.

  4. joline

    ooooops I meant to say sucking her thumb in her crib this just goes to show you should proofread what you read before you push the publish button!

  5. michelle lucille

    thanks, joline!
    hahaha, you know what’s even funnier– i didn’t even notice it said “sucking her crib”. i knew what you meant ;) i’m glad you’re enjoying! m.