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Jan 26, 2009 by

this post is for all of you who have told me how much you enjoy the posts about elias saying the darnedest things. enjoy :)

this morning i heard elias in the monitor, chatting away, recounting his dreams in detail, per his usual. he’ll just lay in bed talking about whatever he’d been dreaming about. i call them his tall tales. (and he says “lyin cryin” [if i’m lying i’m crying] like mater says in the disney shorts from the movie cars). they ARE tall tales because they’re the craziest, silliest happenstances i’ve ever heard of.

i hop into his bed for a snuggle because he’s SUCH a little romantic…always cupping your chin in his hand, or putting his little hands on your cheeks, talking to you so close with his fleshy little lips and face. i can barely stand it. so as piper lay with dadda in our bed, eli and i have a nice little chat. he was telling me he wanted to “sneak-sneak-sneak” up on dad while he’s “seee-pinn” and i must have been furrowing my forehead as i listened. so he points at my forehead and say “whus that on you’s foah-head?” to which i replied with a smile “those are wrinkles” and he said “thems is pretty, mum” which made me laugh and ask “they’re pretty wrinkles?” and he says his usual “yyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh” is this low rugged boy voice. the low rugged boy voice typically is only spoken with this one particular response; the rest of the time, his voice gets so high it can be almost impossible to understand him.

and i love it. his inflections are to die for.

after our snuggling we all came downstairs (“get that blanket, get nice a wuu-mm” {no r’s for this bostonian} “watch a show a me, mum?”) and watched a little dora together while piper did some swinging in her swing. after breakfast (“eatin your o-meam up, mum!” even though it was his oatmeal, he likes to think he’s eating my breakfast.), dave was sitting on the couch and elias wants to play a little hide and seek.

easy. you don’t even have to be hidden, he’ll still play.

but he LOVES hide and seek. so he counts “oneee-twooo-freeee-sixxxx-oneeee, ready a not- hea i come!” and he pretends he can’t see dave. he looks around “whea is he? unner there? nooo. in dere? noooo” in ridiculous spots trying to “find” dave. JUST like all of us adults do with kids when they’re right in front of our face. and we pretend we can’t see them. he’ll say “can’t fine him, mum” and i’ll say “gee, i don’t know where he is…” and he’ll say “i dunno eee-derrr” (i don’t know, either). and THAT cracks me up. kids just do whatever we do, and act however we act.

makes you think twice, sometimes, doesn’t it?

but i just am so amazed by him every day. he knows at least 8 colors now, which blows me away every time he refers to something along with a color, like a “ye-yow schoo bus” or a “black an white zeee-braa.” and he’s really into dora right now, and the other day he’s pushing the closet door closed saying “empuj√≥n” which means push. the kids got quite a repertoire of spanish now. and it’s WAY too adorable. if only i payed closer attention in my four years of spanish.

seriously- dora’s teaching me spanish. i never knew how to say push or jump or open…

another couple things i think are cuter than cute right now: he calls this lightening mcqueen car/bath bubble container he has his “big one.” always, every time, it’s his big one. he has 4 sizes of lmq, so he’s quite accurate in this being the largest, but every day when he says “mum, whey’s my big one?” or “play with that big one, mum?” i laugh. AND he calls things “boy-boy,” which is his way of telling me something is a “big boy” thing. which he totally does because i call him my boy-boy.

because elias is much more than your ordinary boy. he’s boy plus more boy. rugged, witty, energetic, silly, creative, helpful, loving, messy, loud, adventurous. he’s completely fearless.

a boy-boy.

my boy-boy.

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  1. J.N. Future Author

    ^.^ that is so cute! I remember when I had brothers small…oh well

    sorry for just posting here…I saw that you like bittersweet symphony also…

  2. suzannah

    he sounds so creative and fun:)