my crazy boy

Jan 20, 2009 by

my boy is getting so big. SO fast. i have to share some photos of him, because he’s just killing me these days with his antics. here are some of the reasons why elias is SO boy and SO big:

here is elias playing paddleball with dave. that is a ball flying through tthe air there. yeah, he can hit the ball with that little paddle. he’s got crazy hand-eye coordination.

this is what elias calls his “han-nel bars” or handle bar. which i guess is because it looks like a bike handle bar. but he climbs up onto this bar and does all sorts of stunts. the other day, he hangs from it by his legs and one arm and says “i’m boots a monkey. eatin my ban-na. oo-oo, ahh-ahh” as he pretends to eat a banana with his free hand. hahaha, i love this kid.

this is eli playing an ATV video game with dave. he is already corrdinated enough to move the joystick with his left hand and press the button with his right hand. he actually plays it! he can maneuver that ATV like a pro. seriously- he might almost be better than me.

well. he’s just cute. plain and simple.

and here is is using his “shaver” with dad. he loves doing everything dada does. of course :) i just want to eat him up.

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1 Comment

  1. melissa

    The picture of him shaving just might be the cutest thing I have ever seen….ever.