one of those days

Jan 13, 2009 by

i didn’t even get to finish this blog. it’s now thursday, and i’m laughing at this, so i’ll definitely share.

in the realm of motherhood, good days are sprinkled amongst bad days. that way mothers can maintain a small percentage of sanity and children don’t get hurt.

today is one of “those” days. one of the ones where you want to rip your hair out. and yell and scream. and you can’t seem to get anything accomplished, and the one thing you try to do manages to be aggravating or becomes a debacle of some sort. anyone out there familiar with this day?

it’s 11:40am.

my son has not yet has his diaper changed. i just ate breakfast. we are, all 3, in our pajamas. i look like i didn’t sleep. oh yeah- i didn’t. piper is miss fussypants and is down for her second nap of the morning. must be nice. she won’t eat, and i am tired of fighting with her to meet her basic need of nourishment. what an outlandish concept…trying to feed my child.

there are dishes everywhere, laundry is piled high. didn’t i just do, like 4 loads of laundry? hmmm.

i’m tripping all over toys, aimlessly wandering around the house, trying to get something done, and i realize:

i am accomplishing something.


i am raising children.

and that is enough.

as i change the third diaper of the day, i say a quick prayer that goes something like this: “Lord, i want to scream. SCREAM. please help me to remember that ALL things are for your glory. even menial, trivial, lackluster drudgery. i am blessed to have two beautiful children, and it’s okay if i do nothing else but take care of myself, my husband, and them. mothering is an important job, and i’m grateful for it. even if sometimes i don’t feel like i am.”

and from that point on, i felt better. not that it was all roses. it’s now two days later, and i have yet to get a good night’s sleep. i’m, again, in my pajamas at 5:15pm. so i just laugh. what else can you do?!

(that’s legal, anyway…)

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  1. Amber M. Bazdar

    I just read this to Nenad and we were cracking up… This is us, most days… Kidding… well, sort of. Unless I have to leave the house, PJs it is. All day, man!

  2. michelle lucille

    it’s the secret reality that no one speaks of ;)

    there’s so much else to do…why get dressed if you’re not going anywhere?! it just makes more laundry :)