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Jan 5, 2009 by

truth be told, i’m not technically inclined, though some of you may be under the impression i am. i just aspire to be. luckily, i married a guy who used to be a programmer/help desk technician/something else that i forget before he was a pastor. talk about a catch. and today my love installed the software for our new digital camera. perfection! tutorial time! my sister and mother are professional photographers, so i leave holidays to the pros, mostly. so i haven’t got a whole lot of christmas pictures to share yet,
but i will have some. by spring, i’m sure of it ;)
classic elias mid-sentence face
telling me about “frutsy” the “noman
this is the tree that almost was perfect. if only we ever finished decorating it…

here is a little family portrait on our “pajama tree-decorating party” night

and this is another…

here’s me trying to get elias and piper in one picture. easier said than done…

my little bubski’s

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  1. melissa

    Funny, we didn’t finish decorating our tree either. Yesterday I went to take what ever decorations did make it up off the tree and was quite puzzled when the tree already looked bare….Julia had taken what ever ornaments she could reach off the tree and hid them in a toy bucket. Gotta love Christmas with kids!

  2. michelle lucille

    hahaha, so true. you have to keep the expectations low, because it never quite turns out the way you think…

    how’s your littlest one doing??

  3. Jessi

    I have a lot of real and interesting things to say after reading your blog but I'm psycho tired so I want to say this:
    you're REALLY pretty & I REALLY want to play with your kids.

    shallow, but true.