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you know, the one i mentioned in my very first post. my deep blue sea. let me tell you a little more about it.

it’s a story about


you’re likely thinking: boring-sappy-unoriginal-typical-blah.

at least that’s what i usually think of when i think of love stories. but this one is good. and it’s real. and it’s sweet and unexpected. and it’s true.

it’s my story. our story. the story about my deep blue sea. my dbs.

at this point, i have a lovely green leather-bound journal. i’ve written memories of the year we were dating, engaged, and married. (yes, it was a busy year). and of course i have to write them down– i don’t want to forget them! truth is, my brain is scattered amongst the books i read and write in. as long as i have my books, i’m good. also, i have compiled all the love letters, written and received over our years spent together. almost five now. dave and i both share an affinity for books and writing, so there’s no surprise we go old school.

the book will be a compilation of our story. how God divinely orchestrated such minute details to fall into place time after time after time. all the ways he won my heart, all the ways i tricked him into marrying me. haha, kidding. it was all my girl magic, right, babe? ;)

thing is, i think our love story is beautiful. all love stories are beautiful, really. there is something about what happens when you surrender yourself to another person…the risk, the fear, the joy, the excitement…

i’m in love with love.

whatever, i’m totally a girl right now.

so in the spirit of being sentimental, i’ll share with you what i wrote for dave that inspired the title of this book. here goes:

“Deep Blue Sea”

Sinking into your depths of blue
Deep blue ocean
Waves of love crash down hard
And you crash into me
I float along in the salty sea
But you make me float
A warm day sun creeps under my skin
You’re under my skin
Whipping winds blow through my hair
But you still see me
You still see me
Sand slips through my hands
Days pass me by
And love crashes down
It sweeps over me
Deep blue sea
Sinking, I’m sinking
Deeper into you
And you want to be
My deep blue sea
Waves of love crash down over me
Taking over me
I float along in this vast blue ocean
And you’re all I see
My deep blue sea
Try to catch my breath
As the waves crash down
But you’re the air I breathe
Love crashes down, it sweeps over me
My deep blue sea
Sinking, I’m sinking deep
Deeper into you
And you want to be
My deep blue sea…

i wrote this in the midst of our dating, soon before we were engaged in july of 2004. it feels so long ago now, but time is so relative.

the twist on this poetry is that d b & s (deep blue sea) are dave’s initials. i never wrote it with that intent, but he noticed it right away, thinking i was clever. maybe i am clever, but that one wasn’t me. so i call him my deep blue sea.

and he is. much more today than ever.

ahh, sappy junk. people love it ;)

so there’s a little follow up to my first blog. i don’t know when, but some day i will write our story. it will be so good, they’ll want to make a movie out of it. and gerard butler or jeffrey dean morgan will play dave and some cute blonde actress can play me.

i like it!

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