tuesday play dates

Jan 15, 2009 by

just about every tuesday for some time now, my bestest friend leelee and i get together for a play date. we keep getting pregnant together (coincidence?), and we each have a girl and a boy- elias and cadence, both 2 1/2, & jaxon, 8 months, and piper, 6 months. ever since eli and cadie were babes, we’ve tried to get together once a week to maintain our sanity, our connection, and our adult intelligence (many times via the hot mamma book club)

mostly, we chase our two year olds, bust up fights, feed infants, prepare lunches, and try to keep ahead of the toy trail. we reprimand, counsel, and negotiate. we try to encourage sharing and discourage screaming, hitting, and whining.

we don’t always get to do a lot of chatting.

but today…today was different.

our children were fairly quiet. they played nicely together. they shared toys- i mean, they literally asked one another to take a turn. there was no screaming. they ate their lunches without persuasion or bribery. there were no wrestling moves (elias). there was no whining (cadence). there were no melt-downs, no fits of rage, no major issues. jaxon played quietly, piper slept the entire time.


it was so…nice.

cheers to play dates and cheers to friends! i’m so glad i know some beautiful young mamas to share in my journey with. near or far.

how else could we ever survive?

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