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i keep on reading these in emails and on facebook and even in some of the blogs i follow. since i love to read them when everyone else writes them, here’s 25 random things you may or may not know about me.

1. i knew i was going to marry my husband when i was 16. i had a dream and God pretty much told me to save a little spot for him in my heart. and that i’d have to wait. (what he didn’t tell me is that i’d be waiting for 5 years. it was worth it.)

2. i love fried food. you could fry just about anything and i’d eat it.

3. my favorite thing in the entire world (besides God and my handsome husband) is laughter. and i love music almost as much as i love laughter. almost.

4. one of the things i like most about being a mother is teaching my children. elias is so fascinated by how things work and where things come from, where they’re going and why they are the way they are. it’s a joy to see kids learn.

5. i usually think i’m right. i’d say always, but since i’ve been married, i’ve learned a lot about learning from others. and listening first…BEFORE i open my big mouth.

6. i wish i looked older. i think i always have. i’m going to be 27 this summer, and i feel like a kid still. even with four years of marriage under my belt and two children. i am sure in 10 years i will be glad i look young.

7. if i could pick up everyone i love, i’d live in the caribbean somewhere in a hut on the beach. and i’d be barefoot (no, not pregnant) every day.

8. i was a fashion merchandising major in college. i still love fashion, but not the way i used to.

9. i wish i had more time to read…see friends and family…rest…cook…shop :)

10. my favorite color is puke green. and more recently, cobalt blue.

11. i really want to go to italy. mostly so i can eat canoli after canoli after canoli until i explode.

12. i have 2 older sisters, 1 younger brother, great parents, 3 nieces, and 3 nephews. family is really important to me, and i love that mine gets along and has sunday lunches & summertime cookouts. they are a bunch of crazies though. and so am i.

13. i do really want to write a book some day. but i think i have to wait until i’m in my 40’s or 50’s to write the one i want.

14. i am food motivated. you can pretty much bribe me to do anything with food. it’s how i motivate myself to do things i don’t want to do. weird. i know…

15. when i was little, i used to think my dolls would come alive at night, so i made sure every single one of them was “comfortable” before i coud go to bed.

16. yeah. i have some OCD tendencies.

17. i like to drive fast. and i get really annoyed when people don’t have driving SKILLS. people need to be able to anticipate, maneuver, and weave in and out of traffic.

18. and i’ll have you know i have never gotten a speeding ticket in 10 years, nor have i gotten into an accident. nothing on the books anyway :)

19. i was nervous about finding out i was having a girl when i was pregnant with piper. i’m more of a “guys girl” so i wasn’t sure she was gonna make it around here. she fits in just fine, though :) i think i’ve got a little firecracker on my hands, actually.

20. i love the beach enough that i could go there every day of the summer and not tire. something about the ocean just intoxicates me.

21. i got married in newport, rhode island at a castle called oceancliff. it was sunset, and there was an ocean view at the end of the aisle, and it was beautiful.

22. i have had two surgeries to remove both benign and malignant tumors from my wrist. they have not returned since 2002. i thank God for that. i need my hands to take care of these little babies.

23. i never ever ever thought in a million years that i’d be the wife of a pastor. then again, dave never thought in a million years that he would be a pastor.

24. i used to be a nanny when i was in college and after college.

25. i was the editor-in-chief of my college’s magazine, polished, and that is what got me interested in writing and editing. i am really glad that i had that opportunity because it directed me to my first job at WIS, introduced me to friends i adore, and continues to present me with opportunities to use skills i love and enjoy using.

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  1. suzannah

    #1 makes me think you have a fascinating love story:)
    17–i am the same, but county life has mellowed me out considerably.

    a newport wedding?? how lovely.

    if you don’t mind my asking, what type of editing to you do, and what kind of church does he pastor?

  2. suzannah

    (my profile pic is from gooseberry beach in newport last fall:)