a glimpse of what’s to come…

Feb 12, 2009 by

next stop on the project list: piper’s shabby chic nursery. here is a sneak peek :)

the chandelier (from ikea– believe it) to be swung over her crib. hopefully she won’t get any notions to swing from it. we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
the whole shebang. her crib isn’t white, however. it’s a light wood. do i paint it?
the bumper
the quilt
and her crib sheet
outstanding questions to consider:
1. paint color. i’m thinking i should pull the blue out bc i’m so not into pink on walls. but maybe a shade or two darker. any thoughts?
2. she has a sloped wall like elias– do i paint it? white? or the same as the wall color? or do i wallpaper it?
3. what color carpet for her and eli’s room? it needs to be replaced at some point (soon) and carpets baffle me. i was thinking a texture, jute-like, in a tan color. anyone?

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  1. sirkalicious so delicious

    mmm, love this. i like the idea of a blue wall if it’s in the blue-gray family. i also love the idea of a rich wine color wall (but only if you paint the crib white). it’s bold, but piper can pull it off ;) very french. mmm yeah i’m liking this

  2. Amber M. Bazdar

    I have to comment :) Blue/ Grey is the way to go — also, you totally need to paint the sloped wall the SAME COLOR (it will make the room seem bigger and less choppy). Tan jute texture type of rug is perfect!

    I would totally paint the crib (total pain in the ass, but soooo worth it!)

  3. suzannah

    sweet:) my little girls room is sky blue, and i think it completely works.

    i love the look of a white crib, but they can chip and scuff and show wear quickly. also, baby chewed up her crib! her crib’s probably-toxic varnish is bad enough–had she chewed off paint chips i would really have been sick. although, of course, not all babies are wannabe beavers…

  4. michelle

    lol…wannabe beavers. love it.