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our weekend was lovely. and lovey. we a nice, low-key-married-people-with-kids valentines day. and it was perfect.

and we were tired.

davey got me beautiful roses (last tuesday, actually. we’re not very conventional, i suppose), and bought me a romantic card. this, though it sounds normal, is actually abnormal. i usually buy HIM a card. and he makes one for me. but elias and i made him cards that we colored and markered together, going old school, and dada found just the right one from hallmark. so i got hot pink roses, a lovey dovey card, AND he bought me a new CD. he was going to get me the jonas brothers to be funny, but he picked one out that i LOVE. so much so that i own it already :)

i love that man. and i love the weekend. and i love sitting in front of our wood stove. and i love time as a family. and i love date nights (tonight! yay!) and i love our friends.

speaking of friends, our friends ian and elya are expecting their first baby! YAHOO! i could yell and scream it. oh wait, i did. hehe. they have struggled for a long time to get pregnant, and God has blessed them and made what doctors called impossible possible. so pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy for her and that little one.

i think it’s a girl, by the way. and elias votes boy. of course.

ain’t love grand?

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