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Feb 17, 2009 by

here i go. this is my first attempt to look on the bright side in the midst of “one of those days”.

these are the things that did NOT happen today:

1. getting run over by a car
2. being struck by lightening
3. having a really positive attitude
4. causing my children bodily harm. don’t know how, so it must be a miracle.
5. picking up after tornado elias. needless to say, my house is a mess. oh well.
6. a much needed nap for me. oh i tried and tried, but piper, sharer of my room while her is amidst construction, would not go to sleep. grrr.
7. my play date with ams. it’s probably best because she busted up her knee and i was threatening my kids safety, soo…

these are things that DID happen today:

1. elias complained all morning about needing to poop. and finally, after 4 days, he did. and BOY that was something else. i’ll spare the details, but it involves loads of laundry, bathing, bleaching, and the like. what kid can hold down 4 days of food with a steady diet of miralax? oh yeah. MY kid.
2. one errand. the post office. sent off a few happy packages :)
3. somehow, one of piper’s brand new outfits, one of my very favorites, that she’s worn once, for two hours, got ruined with bleach. salt in the wound of my day.
4. the diswasher got loaded. a ray of sunshine through the clouds. lol.
5. piper fought and fought eating this morning and then fought and fought sleeping this afternoon. she did, however, succumb to her sleepiness as she screamed herself to sleep while i showered.

which leads to #6…

aahh. a shower.

the shower is my sanctuary. it’s not just a place to get clean for me. it’s a place of quiet, solace, and solitude. for those 10 minutes, no one needs me (or if they do, i’m ignoring them), i have no responsibilities, and i can just…be.

you can’t even hear kids crying in there!

so when i’m overtired, and my kids are driving me to madness, i try to remember to take cover in my bunker. better known as the shower. a little quiet. a little prayer. a little refresher. and i can usually pull it together through dinner and bedtime.

where do you all hide/escape/take refuge in the madness?

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  1. Melissa

    Oh, I just had to laugh…only because I totally and utterly know ALL of those feelings!!

  2. Jessi

    ugh. I’ve had days like those, I actually was in the middle of one today and this is what I did. Escaped to the grocery store (for the second time, this time because I’d left my wallet there earlier), and on the way home I grabbed a mocha frappacino light. And then I called my bf, Kalle, and asked her to rebuke me. I could have told her all about how horrible my day was, but I knew if she just rebuked me for my sin in it – I’d repent and feel better. Plus, the chocolate helped.

    Um, then, I put the kids to be 45 minutes early. They’re still awake.

  3. suzannah

    oh man. i feel for you! the shower is often the only quiet, alone time i get, too. priceless.