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Feb 4, 2009 by

here is our new fireplace insert. thank you Lord for Craigslist. SUCH a great find. and it’s keeping cold me oh so warm :)
eli and cousin caley
here are some before and after shots of the laundry room. what better time to paint than when you have the whole room ripped apart anyway? we couldn’t fix the washer, but we sure could pretty up my lil laundry nook :)

the new washer. an get this- it WASHES.
much gratitude must be given to grandma gloria, who helped us to afford the fireplace insert, and dave’s parents, who made it possible for us to get a washing machine. otherwise i’d have been down by the creek scrubbing away with a wash board. or something.
busy week. but a productive week. and don’t we love our productivity?

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  1. Jessi

    I love it, I Love it all!