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Feb 19, 2009 by

i have SO many pictures.
i am totally a photographers daughter, i guess. growing up there was always a camera following me around like paparazzi, and i’ve grown to love taking photographs and love having my picture taken. my mum still always has her camera, and her and my big sister have been shooting professionally as bartlett photography for years (shameless plug www.bartlettphotographyonline.com). i’m so spoiled, because my mum will just swing by and take pictures. like these first two shots (two out of the 2,000 she took) that she took last week on a whim. gotta love a piper’s christmas tutu for these instances.

i can barely stand this picture.


my chipper little bird. she wakes up this way. every day. every time.

my two monkeys with their two monkeys.
i might rename her cheeks mcgee

elias helping dada in the “project room” as he calls it. he does so many projects with dave that he actually has legit skills. like handling drills. he knows what he’s doing, man. it’s nuts.

so big. so cute.

speaking of cute…

piper sleeping as i burp her. priceless.

this is eli’s doll. she’s been around since his first birthday (thanks, lee!) and he’s had quite an affinity for her lately. he named her alicia (ah-lee-ceyah) after diego’s sister in”go, diego, go!” (he’s addicted to that show lately.) and he takes her around with him everywhere. to church. to bed. to watch tv. he sits her on his lap. i could die, it’s so flippin adorable.

piper also loves his doll. mostly to chew on. here she is with my sister nicole and her cousin jack.

eli’s new thing is crawling into piper’s crib with her when she wakes up. now that her crib is covered in a tarp, it’s hard, but when he can, he hops right in and snuggles her. and puts blankets over her head.


i LOVE this shot. this is my dad, eli’sgp” and one very happy boy. elias is a lot like my dad. full of energy. a bit fresh. fun to be around. active, which is a gross understatement for them both. elias is obsessed with ATV’s because his gp rides ATV’s. they play together for hours. because my dad is actually still a kid. good for me. maybe not for my mom…
ahhh, my son. goofball. how did he even get into this? who knows…

and my piper glory girl. her and elias both have these big ole beautiful eyes. lucky little ducks, they are.

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  1. suzannah

    oh. my. gosh. beautiful kids, great shots. and that tutu-ed, doe-eyed angel? amazing!

  2. Jessi

    I can’t pick a favorite. Ok, maybe I can.
    Number two. Piper is gorgeous.

  3. sirkalicious so delicious

    ahh. love the one of e & gp. kinda want to hang that up in MY house. but that would be weird. right?!

  4. michelle

    aww, shucks :)

    thanks, guys.

    k- consider gp like big D version 2.0. they’re, like, the same guy. so it’s probably okay. right?!

    my fav? piper sleeping. probably because she stinkin won’t lately :)