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question of the day: what is WITH our obsession as a culture with productivity?

why are we all so bent on making the most of every single minute of our day? and why is it so hard to be satisfied when we accomplish nothing?

i wonder why there is less satisfaction in playing play-doh or trucks with my child, or watching a tv show, than organizing a drawer or folding 5 loads of laundry.

why is it that when we relax, we feel guilty?

i’m totally over productivity right now. not because i don’t love it, and not because i don’t feel awesome when i get things done. oh no-no. i am caught under the productivity spell quite a bit. if i can get “x” amount of things done, it was a “good day.” but ever since piper was born, i’m starting to think that it’s really not that important.

as i write that, i’m still not sure if it’s really REALLY not that important.

we value it. we need it.

or do we? could we just live life, caring for ourselves, our spouses, our children, and others without the rat race of to-do lists, clocks, demands, and expectations? is it possible? can they be mutually exclusive? would we want to? should we be?

i think, as a norm, as a culture, we are obsessed, infatuated, fascinated, driven, and motivated by productivity.

i’m trying to find some balance within making meals, doing laundry, playing with eli and piper, being a wife, cleaning the house, having guests, ministry, caring for children, having fun, and doing things for myself. (it feels weird even writing that i want to do things for myself. why does that feel selfish when it’s actually just necessary?). the more i think about it, i feel like productivity walks the thin line between good and evil. we love it. we hate it. we need it. we don’t want it.

so. tell me- what would YOU like to say to productivity?

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  1. sirkalicious so delicious

    i’ve given up trying to NOT run the rat race. i just do periodic checks to make sure i’m still being myself and that the man hasn’t gotten me down ;)
    hey-check your email. and then reply Yes!

  2. suzannah

    i say tear down that false idol!