refueling the tank

Feb 11, 2009 by

this afternoon, courtesy of my handsome husband, i stopped being a nutty recluse and went out of the house. with no children. to do whatever i want. okay, a couple hours on the clock- and what do i do?

step 1: aviators.

step 2: sunroof open- it’s 60 degrees. holy crap. is it spring, and i didn’t notice because i don’t leave the house unless i have to?

step 3: good music. today’s selection, the man i would hunt down to marry if i wasn’t already, mr. john legend. his latest cd, evolver, track 2, “green light.” this song makes me want to dance. but i try to focus on driving while i sing along like it’s karaoke night. sun is shining. life is good.

step 4: iced coffee. oh, it’s been SO long. i think coffee and chocolate (ie, my livelihood) make piper gassy and even MORE impossible to breastfeed. so i have gone without. i may regret this decision, but it’s such a great iced coffee. i drink every bit of it by the time i’m home.

step 5: wal-mart. lame, i know. practicality wins out sometimes. i need to return a whole bunch of things- which always takes an eternity. i meander around and i find piper cute headbands. SCORE.

step 6: marshalls. oh how i love marshalls. i scout some cute pajamas for my long and lean little string bean of a daughter. much too short are her 9 mos. pjs suddenly. onto 12 mos. it is. i find two really cute antique-y floral types that fit the bill. $6 each. can’t go wrong. and what are those? navy stretch pants- for 50 cents?! is this a yard sale or a store?! nothing excites me more than a bargain.

i’m home in time to feed pipski, dinner’s cooking itself in the crock pot, and there’s a fire in my wood stove. i check the mail, and there’s a movie that has date written night all over it. it can’t get any better.

as moms, we don’t need much sometimes. tell me- what are the little things that refuel YOUR tanks?

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  1. sirkalicious so delicious

    “is this a yard sale or a store?” lol. i love that feeling. that’s the moment where you have to just make the purchase and run before mashall’s realizes their blunder. i just had an experience like this with my coffee table. come over and use it sometime, will ya?!