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Mar 3, 2009 by

my silly goose
and my sweet boy

elias has really been killing me with some of his expressions lately. killing me. from the way he says things to the little sayings themselves, and of course, his inflections (and accent)…it’s all too much sometimes. having a conversation with a 2 year old is pretty much always hilarious. especially with elias, because he’s in it to make people laugh. here are some of his latest expressions:

“two times..” or “two minutes..” (sounds like “two mits“) as he hold up two fingers. everything is in the framework of two. maybe because he’s two.

“what time is it?” this is one of his newest questions. he like to be in the know, i guess.

“stop dooooin this to me!” this is what he says when i do something he doesn’t approve of. like taking a toy away.

“cut it out!” yeah. i say this to him all the time, so now he says it to me. awesome.

“one second.” he’s a busy kid. so he likes to make me wait while he finishes things.

“real quick.” he’ll say “eyiyi read this book real quick” it’s a good stall for when we need to leave somewhere. along with “two minutes” and “one second.”

today he tells me “i no have poops. i’m lyin.” what?! i don’t even know where he learned about lying. and he gives himself up so quick. always has. he’s an honest little bugger. which is great, because he’s always into mischief.

but any naughty behavior is followed up with a quick apology: “soirrryy

i’m very ‘cited!” and “that make you happy?” he’s into emotions. he often tells me “this frustratin me, mum!” when toys aren’t performing as he’d hoped.

wiiiiickedd. gp says that all the time.” apparently my dad says wicked a lot. haha.

“…on tuesday” everything that happens, happens on tuesday. or “last night.”

siyyey [silly] goose! deanna say that all the time.” eli’s quoting everyone these days. watch out!

“member dat?! [remember that?] he’ll say “member dat truck right dere, mum? member dat?” lol. why, yes, elias, i do.

“cool dude!” matt and josh taught him that one.

“oh, MANNNN!”

“uh-oh, skeddy-oh [spaghetti-o]” compliments of his dada

“my bucket” which is his binka. even though he can say binka. he still calls it a bucket.

“my he-bow” which is what he calls an elbow. or a knee. and even a shoulder sometimes :)

“really yummy down my froat [throat]!” haha, yeah…because i was teaching him that food goes down your throat and into your stomach. kids are funny.

“no, me good.” it’s his version of “i’m good. thanks anyway”

“that mans name, mum?” he’ll point at any stranger who he shares a smile or interaction with and ask their name. but ask me. well, they say moms know everything, right?

“when ________’s birthday is?” he needs to know everyones birthday. everyones.

and my favorites:

smooooooth like butta!” that one is all me. i teach him the good stuff.

“whoa! ho-ey mo-ey [holy moly]!” this is hilarious. that’s all there is to it.

kids really do say the darnedest things…anyone have any good toddler quotes?

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  1. Melissa

    Jules was always good for, “You gutta be tiddin’ me!”