do i dare…dark hair?

Mar 20, 2009 by

first, thank you all for your feedback on my book list. much appreciated. i love a good book recommendation, and i’m glad that many of you have already read a lot of the books on my list already. now all i have to do is get them and read them all. you know, just real quick :)

now. on to one of my new musings: hair styles and hair color.

as i lay awake at night, as i often do after my sleep is interrupted, i have been seriously contemplating dying my hair brown. or dark brown. or even black. as most of you know, i’m a natural blonde. so this is not a decision to be taken lightly.

here are some of my considerations/thoughts/ramblings:

cameron did it, and she looks great…so i’m thinking maybe i can, too? all i need is someone who has done it and has eventually discovered their natural hair color again. because i really do like the blonde i have- it’s multi-faceted in colors and natural highlights; it’s not ugly or ratty or anything. it’s just boring me right now. who says blonde’s have all the fun?! we have to feel all torn up and worried about dying our hair!

if i go dark, i want to chop my hair while i’m at it. well, truth is, i’m still torn about long versus short. in theory i want to have long hair, especially now that i’ve been enlightened on how celebs get those waves thanks to jessi’s new flat iron trick, but my hair is so heavy and so difficult when it’s long, and i’m always just sweeping it into a ponytail. but don’t we miss the ponytail when it’s gone as moms?! what to do, what to do…

but here are some scantily clad famous ladies who have hair similar to what i’m thinking in terms of length. if i was smart and had grabbed that random adorable girl i saw in starbucks, i would have just thrown her picture up here, but i was a wuss and i was trying to have a conversation with my friend, leelee, so i missed my chance.

there you have it. i just don’t know if i have the guts to dye it. which is mostly why i’m pretty much daring myself and calling myself a fairy/ninny/loser/wimp and the such.

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  1. Amber M. Bazdar

    OK — lets talk turkey. Got to Jenny – she misses you and always does such a great job (example: me, which you will see next week – my hair looks fab!). I think you should TOTALLY do the dark hair thing — you are so beautiful, any way you do your hair will be great. I have a great picture of the hair style you are thinking about – I will email it to you… Do it – go for it – dont back down. :)

  2. Jessi

    ok, our first ever phone convo must be scheduled. I need to talk this one out.