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Mar 9, 2009 by

yesterday: it was 65 degrees outside.
i mean, i wore a sundress…flip flops! and walked with elias down to one of our lunch spots, gilly’s pub, after church.

it was warm. sunny. breezy.

what a difference a day made.

24 little hours.
and today: it is torrentially…snowing? weird. but so classic here in new england, isn’t it?

it’s hard for a gal like me not to get all excited when it’s warm like it was yesterday. i’m immediately like, ‘yay! spring is here! pack up the sweaters! hooray!’

truth is, if there wasn’t still snow on the ground yesterday, i might have made a break for the beach. in march. mmm. a little crazy. but the sunshine makes me that way. all giddy and happy and silly and excited.

and today, i’m in my pajamas still. i took a two hour nap this morning (thank you Jesus dave is home on mondays). i haven’t accomplished one single thing besides feeding myself and my children. and i’m totally fine with it. it’s gross out. and it’s wet and cold and snowy and windy and rotten. and i feel a little similar.

in light of this roller coaster of emotions, i’ve deduced that i am simply solar-powered. if there is sun, i am happy despite all circumstances. and if there is not…well, i can go either way.

it’s a bit psycho, i think…
…and you know what? it made me think of how we love God. when we feel close to him- warm sun on our faces- we’re invincible, positive, ready, willing, capable, adoring. but when the clouds get in our way, and we can’t feel that warmth, we get all distant and cold and figure we’ll just wait for the next sunny day.

it’s so easy to forget, mostly because we are fickle like the weather (ahem, michelle), God is not fickle in the least. he never goes anywhere, even if we feel like he might have moved.

when you’re omnipresent, getting away is probably pretty tricky.

so i’m working on keeping my sunshine going in the snow and rain and clouds and blah. because he’s there. even when we like to pretend he’s not.

anyone else out there fickle like new england weather?

“Am I only a God nearby,” declares the LORD, “and not a God far away?” Jeremiah 23:22-24

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  1. Jessi

    mmmmmm…. good word.
    It’s hard for me to understand the Lord on stuff like this because I actually cannot fathom not being fickle. I can’t grasp it!

  2. suzannah

    yes and yes. what a great verse, too.