hitting the club with the reverend…

Mar 2, 2009 by

saturday night, dave surprised me with an impromptu little date night. he had asked my dad to come over and “monitor-sit” so he and i could go out and have a few adult moments.

dave has this spot called benjamins in taunton that he loves to go and read and meet with people for discipleship. it’s this upscale restaurant that has a beautiful library that smells of leather-bound books and rich mahogany.

hehe, well, you know. it’s just this cool place with bookshelves from floor to ceiling, a bar, leather chairs and sofas, and a fireplace that is always blazing. it’s really quite nice.

when we pull in, the parking lot is jam-packed. no spots. we figured there was a wedding reception or something, so we park in a dark corner of the lot and make our way inside. we were expecting to have a quiet moment by the fire, but as we walk in, we can hear loud music pulsing from the library.

live music! perfect. dave had planned on taking me to a local jazz bar, but apparently, it is no longer in business. this was his plan b. and bonus, there’s some nice live music. so we saunter in and steal a couple chairs to pull up to a high top. ahhh, live music, a cocktail, adult conversation. it’s all lovely.

benjamins is filled with middle aged couples. mostly forty plus people, sprinkled with a few retired folks and maybe a couple or two in their thirties. maybe. so we’re clearly the youngest folks in this place. this is a no jeans kind of establishment- everyone is wearing sport coats, slacks, and sequins. it’s on the verge of a fashion nightmare, but that’s another blog. so think middle-aged, mustaches, bad fashion, and slow dancing to music of the 50’s and 60’s. sprinkled with some 80’s and 90’s. a good mix for this crowd.

we enjoy our chatting for a while, as gq and the lady croons some barry white and some harry connick jr. they’re very good. i’m pleasantly surprised at how well they can all belt.

a bit later, the band takes a break…we sip our drinks.


then, suddenly, i hear usher’s “yeah” pumping through the speakers. bass bumpin.

and this band, this wedding band, starts covering usher. what?!

everyone gets up out of their leather seats, and they bust onto this little dance floor with their wives, scotch in hand, to shake it to a little r&b.

and then to beyonce’s “crazy in love.”
WITH jay-z’s rap.
believe it.

and then lady gaga’s “just dance.”

for real.

and i’m like- seriously- WHAT IS THIS PLACE?!!?

all i could do was smile and laugh at how unapologetically this upscale restaurant morphs into a club for sport-coat wearing middle-aged men and women. don’t get me wrong, i’m all for movin and shakin, having a drink with friends or a lover, but it unexpectedly just turned into club benjamins, and i wasn’t braced for it. i simply wasn’t ready for these middle-aged mustached men and their sequined wives to get jiggy. it was a sight. they were getting so crazy in there, someone knocked over a speaker. i couldn’t stop watching them all. dancing in the library. what an oxymoron. but i loved it. i mean, they were having a blast.

and so were we.

so. next saturday night. club benjamin’s. who’s in?

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  1. suzannah

    so funny! i guess everyone needs a place to get-down:)

  2. WitchyEditor

    that is so bizarre! my family and I have been going there for years. We have Thanksgiving dinner there now and my mom used to work in the gift shop. I really can’t picture Usher being played there..lol.

  3. Nick

    We might just have to fly in and go for sure…

    I am picturing guys that look like Magnum PI…am I off on this? I love the ‘magnum ‘stache’.

    Dave amazing choice. I love it. I wish I could have been there to be a witness to this amazing band and amazing moment!

  4. Melissa

    An adult conversation and laughs? I am so there!

  5. Amber M. Bazdar

    You sure have come a long way from our college club days… ;)