earth day

Apr 22, 2009 by

happy earth day, everybody!

the earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters. psalm 24:1-2

don’t you think this is pretty much what i think our earth would say if it really could rock a t-shirt? i do. this is God’s green earth, isn’t it? and if anyone should be taking care of it, it’s us God-lovers! so, reduce, reuse, recycle, replenish, and restore :)

it only seems appropriate that on earth day i share a little bit about our new garden. i love the part in the book of jeremiah where God says: “build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce” (jeremiah 29:5). good advice. very practical. i love that about the Bible.
the four of us spent our monday outside, raking, shoveling, digging, wheel barreling, and getting our patch of earth ready for some seeds. okay, well piper mostly sat around and played toys, and elias climbed dirt piles and helped here and there finding rocks and throwing them into the wheel barrel. it was such a fun way to spend our monday, all together, working in the yard. fun. so what’s on the menu for our very first garden?
cherry tomatoes
green beans
& cucumbers
just enough to manage…and truth be told, i didn’t exactly get a green thumb in the gene pool. mine is, like, pink or something. so i’ll try. and hopefully we’ll grow some, as elias would say “dewicious” vegetables. and i’m taking a stab ot some perennial flowers, too. some delphinium, rock soapwort, salvia, and a whole slew of wildflowers. i love flowers, and i don’t want to have to buy them and plant them every year, so we’ll see if i can grow them!
there’s definitely something, i don’t know…organic about having your hands in the earth, isn’t there?
how are you all out there taking care of our earth?
anyone have any good tips for making a garden grow??

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  1. Jessi

    WOW! This layout is TIGHT…that is the only word for it. Unreal. The person who did this must be amazing.

  2. suzannah

    congrats on getting a garden started! i really need to bite the bullet and try…but i’m scared! maybe you’ll inspire me:)