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Apr 6, 2009 by

okay, i admit it. i watch america’s next top model. truth be told, there’s a lot of shows i would never in a million years watch (american idol and antm, for example), but i’ll watch on tivo because i can fast forward through nonsense (ie, paula and that other chick, or cat fights and drama) to the parts i want to see (ie, danny gokey, kris allen, & matt giraud, or the photo shoots and elimination). what can i say, i love me some reality television. but i didn’t want to leave some of you stranded (no pun intended), wondering what i was going to do with my hair.

enter: london, from america’s next top model.

now- i am SO sick of my hair, i shudder to have to go out into public. so it has to go. FAST. i’ve put a call in to my girl jenny at j stevens salon in newton, a fabulously talented hairdresser who always did my tresses when i was in college and living in the big city…when i was daring and had all sorts of fun haircuts, to see if she can squeeze me in. but i’ll only let jenny do something as crazy as this. so i’m meeting my girl amber up in newton for a starbucks and a legitimate chop, hopefully some time this week. basically, as soon as possible.

the pictures below are what dave votes i do with my hair. he’s daring me to go short. SHORT short.

eeekk! am i CRAZY?! i’m so stinking nervous to have my hair this short. but i’m SO desirous of something different, i think i just HAVE to.

(p.s. the dark hair will likely debut in the fall. i forgot that i really do love the blonde of my hair, in the summer especially, so i’ll wait on the darkness for fall.
and so people can recognize me. myself included.)

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