a legitimate amount of cuteness.

Apr 28, 2009 by

here’s a photo story of the past few days. we’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather, and our friends and family. it’s hard to drag myself inside to write, even though i love to write, but there is a legitimate amount of cuteness to be shared. here we go:
here’s elias and pip in their “sunday best.” i figured i ought to hurry up and capture them before elias “gets dierdy” and piper drools everywhere. the best of the bunch will hopefully be going out in a spring mailing. before it’s…well, summer.
sunday afternoon, dave’s aunt carolyn, uncle ted, and cousin daina came by on their way back from daina’s apartment in coolidge corner to their home in new york so we could all kiss and hug daina before she leaves for nicaragua with the peace corps. isn’t that awesome? daina’s cool like that, but elias sure is going to miss her. he loves daina– and elyse (in the video i put in at the end of the post, he sweetly asks where elyse was…cute), so he was happy to play with her, and ran screaming and crying when she left- dramatic and honest, my boy is. we had a nice afternoon drinking iced tea and chatting. here’s the kids playing and wrestling. and playing peek-a-boo in the video below.
don’t they look innocent? ohh, the lies we believe…

“my co-sinn daina” as elias calls her

daina, piper (mostly her bum, actually), eli, me, and davey

pippa attacking elias– trying to, i don’t know, eat his face?

piper’s got some wrestling moves, too.

we dedicated our monday to garden planting and preparation. really– gardening is not as simple as it seems. the research to make sure the plants are seeded properly either inside or outside, the planning to know how much light they’ll need, how big/tall/wide they’ll grow, getting the soil ready, the fence up, the gate made, the layout laid out, the watering, the nurturing. i think i just took on about 100 new babies- except they’re plants. i think it will be worth it once i get over the learning curve…i guess i just didn’t realize how curvy the curve is. here’s dada and elias getting some tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers ready. (we’ve managed to add peppers, corn, lettuce, and maybe onions to our repertoire. yeah- we may need a farm stand…)

hey eli, you’ve got a little something on your face, bud :)

my flowers. i love purple, but only in flowers, really.

“big helper”

tuesdays are my friend leelee and i’s play date day. ever since elias and cadence were small, we try to get together once a week to escape mommy prison. err, i mean, to socialize and stay connected. here’s jaxon and pippa today.

jaxon’s like “uhh, what are you doing, girl?”

elias and cadence…playing in the dirt piles. of course.

this is eli and piper wrestling and playing peek-a-boo on sunday when dave’s family came for a visit. pretty cute, really.

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  1. Jessi

    1. I really like your voice.
    2. I really like pip’s speedo.
    3. I love purple, on EVERYTHING. Therefore, Glory loves purple.

  2. michelle

    1. i think it’s so funny that you like my voice. i remember you mentioning that in your blog, too, and i was like “my voice? what does that mean?” i get it now. literally- my voice. thanks :) maybe that will help me to like it more…
    2. the polkadot dress she was wearing was so cute- but it was SO hot. so she was rocking her bloomers/speedo. i love naked flesh. it’s my fav thing about babies and summer. more fleshy flesh.
    3. glor wants to be just like mum…adorable. maybe pip will like puke green? hmm.