my baby needs a baby

Apr 24, 2009 by

my baby needs a baby
i’ve been on the hunt for a baby doll for piper for some time now. i never seem to have much luck when i check for cute dolly-dolls at target or wal-mart (and those are the only two places i venture to, really. sad, but true).
i have been surfing the web on amazon to see what i could find, and just LOOK at how cute some of these baby dolls are! i’ve listed them from least expensive to most expensive, ranging from about $15. to (gasp) $150.
a baby girl (ahem, mama) can dream, right?
alright everyone. it’s voting time!











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  1. Jessi

    Number 7, is that a REAL baby. That’s my pick for sure. If you could get her to take care of that one, you guys should just go ahead and have a third, because she could parent it!

  2. Amber M. Bazdar

    OMG! We have #2 — “Baby Joe”, as Benjamin has named him — very cute! But I like the twins #4 the best!!

  3. sirkalicious so delicious

    6 looks like bobby bacala :)

  4. michelle

    lol, #6 does look like a mafia baby. i guess i can’t get him, he might put a hit on me if piper throws him around…

  5. Leigh

    4, they are adorable!

    isn’t voting fun?

  6. Amber M. Bazdar

    oh, and ps — the first babies have disturbing boobies.

  7. michelle

    #7 better be stinking real, for $150! if piper can take care of that dolly, you’re totally right, jess, we can have as many kids as we want!
    and ams, i like the fatty babies with disturbing boobies…lol, i think they’re so cute!
    i DO love voting! :)