my preliminary findings

Apr 8, 2009 by

i don’t know what it is with me today. i’m all hyper, and giddy, and chipper, and productive, and patient, and positive, and…hmm- myself.


i keep trying to figure out if someone slipped me a mickey, or what it is that has gotten me all high on life. there’s a few possibilities. these are my preliminary findings:

a. getting some sleep.
last night piper only woke up once, because she was freezing her little biscuits off, and went right back to sleep, and slept until 7:30 this morning. i had forgotten what it was like to have her sleep. it’s a distant memory now. because honestly, the night before, she woke up at 12am and i could not get her back to sleep until 2:40am, and i almost hurt her. but for the grace of God, truly. she screamed and screamed and fussed and kept opening my bathrobe up like it was doors to the refrigerator. sorry, no late night snacks, kiddo. haven’t done feedings like that for over 6 months. she was adamant about being awake, crying, and trying to eat. and ask me- did feeding her make her simmer down?? ohhhh no. it was bad. luckily, today is a new day. yesterday, i could not muster up the ability to blog anything free of profanity or rude, ungodly thoughts. i’m glad i waited. too many of my relatives read this blog ;)

b. shopping at target.
i managed to find all the things i needed today without having to be one of “those moms” in the store screaming empty threats at my 3 year old. even though elias concluded wearing a diego backpack means it’s yours, and proceeded to throw himself on the floor over a diego slip-n-slide, i managed to stay very calm and firm. as if my son needs anything that will make him go any faster or be any more dangerous. he though it was a pool, anyway. “it IS a pool, mum! me bring dis hommmeeee!” there’s no talking sense to toddlers, is there? no, you’re right elias, i can’t read, it must be a pool. my mistake…(eye roll).
so as shallow and terrible as it may be, shopping, even with two small children, brings me great pleasure. i can’t explain it. mostly for clothes, especially for elias and piper. even with the tears and the drama, today, i found some of the MOST adorable things for my cutey beauty. just look at how adorable these are! and oh, so affordable!

c. getting my hair cut. YAY! what’s better than friends, starbucks, and getting your hair “did”? amber’s bringing baby yuuukas (lucas), as elias would say, so i get to chop this hair, and squeeze a bitty baby, and chat without interruption. i love my husband, who makes all these things possible, and gladly. seriously. i am married to THE most amazing man in the world.
so tomorrow- 12:30, new hair, new me! going bold- going short!
SO nervous.

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  1. Leigh

    Miss Piper is going to be one cute girl in those clothes. love all of them! (thanks for voting last week by the way)