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Apr 10, 2009 by

there are a few reasons why this blog is post-dated for thursday, when clearly it wasn’t there yesterday:

1. honestly, i couldn’t share a picture of my hair until i stuck my head in the sink and started over. hairdressers for some reason have no concept of styling hair. is this only my experience? my hair is SO thick. SO thick, and they blow dry it as if they want to win the contest to see who can create the most volume. my GOODNESS. so last night as i bathed my children, i went round two on my hair-do to inspire more excitement and less leeriness. with some success, i might add. i think i actually might like it now.

2. however, i do not like pictures of myself. i guess everyone feels that way. in addition, i am having a tiny semi-crisis about looking like a boy/not feeling very feminine (dave is totally going to make fun of me when he reads that. when i told him that last night, he told me i was the sexiest boy he ever saw. haha. i love my husband.). but truly. i had to adjust. actually, i still need to adjust.

3. and really, i was just tired, and feeling kind of ick (hair trauma?) last night, so i had to just lay on the couch, drink tea, and watch LOST and CSI:NY on tivo until i couldn’t stay awake any more.

but at long last:
here are a few pictures (i had to take them myself, since dave wasn’t home. harder than it should be, isn’t it?), so you all of my chroniclers can see (those of you who need to catch up, read this and this).

i admit, it’s growing on me (what’s with the hair puns?), but it is definitely a shock! ultimately, that’s what i wanted, though. it’s funny, my own hairdresser would not cut it as short as i wanted. it literally took 3 tries, and a second hair wetting to get it short, and still it’s not actually as short as the picture i brought. i guess i wasn’t the only nervous one :) but i couldn’t come home and have my husband think i chickened out, now could i?!

finally- here i am, rocking my new shorty short hair!

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  1. Jessi

    sexiest non-boy woman I’ve possibly ever met.

  2. Amber M. Bazdar

    looks great now that you de-puffed it! what kind of product do you use in the back?

  3. michelle

    thanks, jess :)

    i use dave’s flexible hold hair putty stuff. and the blowdryer to make it stick up. (and i parted it on the other side than jenny did to give it a twist. much better!)