a revolutionary named Jesus.

Apr 10, 2009 by

i sat outside this morning with piper, and elias, and a book.

elias ran around the yard, digging in dirt, crawling on dirt piles, getting dirty. that’s what he does. piper sat on a blanket with me and smacked toys and smacked me. that’s what she does.

and i…opened a book that was on my book list called “the irresistable revolution” by shane claiborne (thanks, kate!)

and i can NOT put it down. i want to be reading it even now as i type.

all i want to say in light of good friday is that jesus made a sacrifice that is very real. HE was very real. following him is not meant to make us feel safe, or comfortable, or good.

i become more and more uncomfortable with my “possessions” and my sinfulness and my “normalness” as i read more about what Jesus said and taught and how he lived.

and i become more and more enchanted the more i picture this man who is also fully God. who is everything we hoped for, but nothing we expected. the one who would suggest that to become the greatest, we would need to become the least. that it’s not okay for us to just love the people who deserve it, who we like, who don’t ruffle our feathers, who aren’t dirty, or annoying, or needy.

but that we must love everyone. especially the least.

if he could die for every one of us, it’s the least we can do to show this world a little love, Jesus style.

so today i’m thinking about what it really means to be part of the church, the church of this world, a community of believers. and i feel really blessed to know a God who forgives, who is the picture of justice and unfailing love, and it makes me want to be a better person.

and today, i’m relishing in Jesus’ life as a revolutionary, what he can teach me about how to live and love, and what his sacrifice represents for us all.

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