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Apr 13, 2009 by

i have a constant inner dialogue that i could only dream to remember when i sit down to blog. i’m sure many of you, whether you blog or not, can relate to this kind of forgetfulness. i’ve decided i need some of that speech recognition software, so i can rock a headset and talk out loud to myself all day. you know, like in the opening scene for the movie body of lies where russell crowe meanders around his house while his computer types for him? i have GOT to get me one of THOSE! maybe then i wouldn’t forget any of my witty genius. ha ha ha.

but since that isn’t exactly practical or realistic, you’ll just have to deal with this michelle, who instead of software (that i’d probably never know how to use correctly anyway) has about 2398462397 sticky notes filled with scribblings, ramblings, ideas, quotes, and happenstances that eventually make it into a blog or are filed away in some dusty, distant corner of my brain.

aahh, owell.
with this in mind, i bring you sticky note 1423742398, which has a few things i’ll be writing about this week…or maybe next week. i have only my aspirations, people. life gets in my way from time to time ;)

here is what i have in store for the days to come:

-life in the motherhood. not the show, but the concept. based on a conversation i had with my oldest sister lauri, which was followed by a show i saw on oprah (funny when that happens, right?). and, no, if you’re wondering, i do not think oprah is god. she is a walking contradiction, if you ask me. but i do enjoy her show a solid 10% of the time.

-blogging and the most visited blog on mothering.

-elias quotes. and they’re getting more and more hilarious. this will be a nice compilation.

-happy 9 month birthday, piper! an update, pictures included, of my favorite girl around.

-picture post, compliments of miss lindsey mae. you’ve seen a sprinkling, now you’ll get to experience he whole shebang.

so stay classy san diego. and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Nick

    My desk currently has 10 post-its (hot pink actually) and this is after I literally threw probably 20 away.

    It was getting to the point where I had no desk room.

    I write them all day long.

  2. michelle

    right?! i have so many post-its i’m starting to write post-its to remind me to find OTHER post-its. they’re, like, a working extension of my brain.