the thing about spring

Apr 21, 2009 by

you see, the thing about spring is that nice weather lures me into the outdoors. i live for being outside. i love the sun, i love nature, i love outside. and being inside all the time makes me irritated and hateful by january. so when the weather is nice, i can’t help but be outside all morning with the kids, having a picnic lunches, and after putting them down for naps, i’ll head right on back out with a book or a rake or something to busy myself.

today, however, is a rainy day (torrentially down pouring, actually, but…). it’s wet and warm- very spring. and i’m conflicted. now that i don’t have to option of being outside, doing yard work, or playing “chase” with elias, i have to choose between the things i want to do and the things i have to or should be doing. it was much easier to just go outside and forget all of the other responsibilities besides mothering.

this is what i want to do most days while the kids sleep:

blog. i have too many that are half drafted and in the wings. and i’m feeling a green and brown makeover coming on soon. and my west coast girl, jessi, is making me a beautiful header to adorn my blase blog, too. like she has nothing else to do. my word :)
watch television. i have, ohhh, i don’t know, 98725872350 shows racking up on tivo that i either fell asleep watching or have not had a chance to see yet.
nap. speaking of sleep, i could really use a nap. REALLY.
read more of the irresistible revolution. it truly is irresistible.
organize a few things that are getting out of control. like the garage. or eli’s toy room. or piper’s closet. i’d also like to organize the folders upon folders of pictures on my computer.
this is what i usually end up doing instead:
laundry. yikes. elias is getting dirtier and dirtier with all his playing outside, so there’s no wearing jeans twice anymore. and piper makes a hot mess eating these days, so forget it.
i have another 5, 6, 7 loads awaiting my attention. seriously. check out this pile….

cleaning. my entire home is sandy and dirty right now, thanks to the piles of dirt in my backyard. talk about piles! there’s no way to keep him out of them or off them, so he needs a hose down every night now. geesh.

so today, now that i’ve blogged about my time management issues, i think will go do some more laundry, and heck, maybe i’ll watch a show or two while i fold. that sounds like a win-win.
what do you all think?
what are the things do you choose to ignore when there’s a better option??

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