what is the secret ingredient?

Apr 3, 2009 by

right as i sat down to share this thought, dave came in and asked me the same question i was asking myself (which happens all the time actually. weird, but awesome).

he asked me: what is the secret ingredient?

to what, you may ask. well, let me tell you a little story…

i’m more exhausted today than i’ve been for a while. non-sleep catching up with me is all. i could have easily gone back to bed this morning, but i took a shower and dressed instead, and my sister stopped by on her way to the grocery store to hang and chat for a bit. we don’t get a whole lot of qt because she’s a mama of 3 herself, so i opted for tea with nik instead of sleep. i must really love her ;)

weariness and general tiredness aside, all of a sudden, after lunch and putting the kids down, i went on this organizing and cleaning tear. putting away winter shoes/clothes/scarves/etc. and replacing them with summer items, washing and sweeping floors, running laundry, cleaning the kitchen, organizing every last toy my children own into appropriate sized bins, vacuuming, folding laundry, cleaning out closets, and Lord only knows what else.

dave came in from the garage, which no longer has bags piled on bags of clothes to donate, boxes, stacks, piles, etc. and is FAR neater as a result of this cleaning frenzy, and asked what in the world had gotten into me. but in not so many words.

he asked: “what is the secret ingredient?”

you see, he has a lot of his father engineering brain in him, so he thinks in bullets and lists, LIVES for multi-tasking, and aspires to be uber efficient, streamlined, and effective in everything he does. he more wants to know what the secret ingredient is in order that i might create this scenario at my will and command, rather than it be some inexplicable side effect of exhaustion or tides or plate shifting or some random phenomena. he wants to pinpoint exactly what it is that gets into me that sends me bustling about the house, organizing and cleaning anything and everyhting in my path.

so, what is it? it’s not that i’m rested. it’s not that i have company coming (usually my best motivator). it’s not that i have to. or because it’s friday. i don’t know!

is it motivation? opportunity? desire? boredom? haha. right.

what IS it that gets into women, when we just can’t be stopped? we tear around the house like we’ve got wheels, and we leave this glittery, shining, beautiful, organized path behind. do we have some sort of magic? :) it can’t just be me. right?

what do you all think?? do any of you have an explanation for your magic??

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  1. Melissa

    Julia has asked me before “mom are you magic?” so I tell her no. Her reply was, “then how do you do so much?”