bird & fish: vol. 2

May 22, 2009 by

our time at the park yesterday was truly delightful. trucks in the sand, a picnic lunch, hot sun, nice breeze, cool water…just delightful. i forgot eli’s swimmies (dave later reminded me that the reason i couldn’t find them was because elias had melted them on the wood stove…), but he just swam without them. he was up to his neck in the water, completely unafraid, and when he’d get too far out, i’d just ask him to come in a little. just like that. he’s a FISH. he was in the water until he just couldn’t stand how cold he was. he’d return to the blanket for a quick snuggle, then he’d be back in the water, swimming away.

piper, my bird, stayed close to the nest, spending the entire time on the blanket, mostly climbing on me like a jungle-gym or and playing trucks in the sand. she was not a fan of the water, due to it’s frigid temperature, i presume. but she was quiet and content, soaking up some sun with her mum.
i love how close we live to such a great park. LOVE.

here’s some photos :)

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  1. Leigh

    your kids are adorable!

    Piper’s bathing suit is too cute!

  2. michelle

    aww, thanks :) i love her bathing suit, too. yet another fabulous target find!