dear elias

May 15, 2009 by

dear elias,
there are so many things i love about you that i’m not sure i can qualify. of course, because you’re mine, i think the world of you. not because you’re perfect, but because your are genuinely and authentically you. you have a sparkle, a magnetism that you get from your dad that is undeniable. you make people smile, and laugh. one of the things i love about you the most is your silly sense of humor. you go out of your way to make people laugh. and even though i don’t appreciate how you roll your eyes at me and make me laugh when i’m trying to discipline you, i do love that you evoke frequent laughter.

i love how affectionate you are, and how you’re that way towards everyone. you’re a borderline romance novel romeo with how you cup our faces in your hands, and sweep the hair from our faces. you speak closely, and are constantly in people’s personal space. it’s endearing, though perhaps not to everyone :) i love how you whisper secrets in my ear, and i love how you always want to snuggle me.

i love how much you adore your father, and how you help him constantly. you want to do everything he does, and learn everything he knows. that’s a great way to be- and your dad has lots to share. i love that you make friends easily, and how willing you are to share if someone asks, despite how territorial you can be. i love when you sing the alphabet, and i love when you sing “american boy.” i love your silly goofy words and your silly goofy one-liners. i love your quick wit, your enthusiasm, and your attention to detail.

i love how energetic you are, even if i often feel like i can barely keep up with you. and i think it’s neat that you are so outgoing and unafraid, although i’ve learned to be afraid for you. you’re a daredevil, a risk taker, but you know enough not to drive your ATV down the piles of dirt. so that’s good. you’re quite a paradox- rough yet gentle, laid back yet energetic.

i admire that you are relentlessly curious about things. you’ve got quite a mind in that head of yours, and it’s always excited to learn new things. you have lots of questions about how things work, and i love that i can show you something once, and you’ll understand it. a “quick study,” you are. i find it fascinating how you connect things you’ve learned. and i am so happy to see your vivid imagination every day, whether you’re captain hook, or a firefighter, you sure love to pretend.

i love your honesty, and laugh when you come and tell me the thing you “juts did” that you weren’t supposed to. i adore that you want to bake and cook with me, but mostly you want to lick the bowl. and the spoons. and maybe stick your fingers in a few times. i love how you’ll ask people their names when we’re out shopping. just because you’re curious. i’m glad you are polite, and you’re helpful, and i hope you stay that way as you get bigger. i also think it’s special that you’re protective of your sister. it really delights me, actually. ever since she was born you’ve looked after her, and i hope you’ll always look out for her.

i love how you think you can spell words, and i’m proud that you can put on your shoes by yourself. i only wish that you were more concerned about matching, like me. i love how you call freckles “polka dots” and how you always shove your hands into your pockets and walk around like you’re a teenager or something. i also adore how you’ve always played with your ear when you’re tired, and i love how you think it’s funny when i say “whoa-oh, pajama time” and that you’ll dance around the kitchen with me and sing songs.

i often wonder what you’ll be like as you grow up. i can only imagine, but i do hope you are always kind to others. i hope you use your gifts to help others and that you’ll want to be like Jesus someday. i hope you find joy in life like you do now, and that your joy will show others what it’s like to know the Lord. i have a feeling the woman you marry will be a very lucky gal. i pray for her already, hoping God will help you pick a girl who will be just what you need.

so whether or not you’re always intent, or charming, or funny, doesn’t matter. but you will always be my baby boy. and i’ll always love you to the moon and back, to the bottom of the deep blue sea, around the universe and into another galaxy, and more.


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