elias week: day 1

May 11, 2009 by

in light of my baby boy turning three on thursday (3?!), i have decided this week will be dedicated to the handsome, rowdy, and sagacious boy who made his grand and sweet entrance on mother’s day in 2006. so fitting, making me such a proud mama on mother’s day.

sigh. seems like yesterday. (…but it always does.)

the thing about elias is he’s just so BIG these days. i feel like i walk around awestruck by him constantly. so this week is dedicated to my elias musings. i have a picture post in the works with some of my favorite photographs chronicling his 3 glorious years, some elias quotes (if only i walked around with a tape recorder), and some photos and videos from his birthday party yesterday, of course.

to kick off this week of “all eli, all the time,” are a couple videos from our trip to watson pond state park on saturday. it’s about 5 whole minutes from our house, and it’s glorious. especially because, unlike our home, it has pavement where elias can ride his bike. which he LOVES.

and this is elias flying his kite. sometimes i just forget he’s only 3 (almost). i’m so used to him being able to do…anything. he’s just like his dad- so coordinated and capable and athletic and astute. no wonder i love him so much- he may be my clone, but he’s definitely his father’s son. and he’s flying his kite. just like that.

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