eli’s birthday party

May 14, 2009 by

so it’s been a mellow birthday day for elias. pretty much like any day, except he did get to ride on GP’s lawnmower today, which was cool. we’re about to have dinner, and then we’ll head off to friendly’s for a little birthday ice cream. elias LOVES ice cream. then back for some presents from us, including a lightening mcqueen kite and birthday trunks, a baby bottle and juice cup, and a pirate/captain hook costume (which we bought thanks to great grandma skip!). he’s going to love his presents. and by the way, his phrase of the day today is “totally awesome!” no matter what i say or ask. which is…totally awesome.

so here’s a few photos from eli’s little family birthday gathering on sunday for your viewing pleasure :) you can look forward to two more installments of birthday blogs tomorrow and saturday to wrap up birthday week!

dada helping me decorate. this guy makes hanging streamers look so easy. i wish i had known about this talent sooner.

lightening mcqueen. of course.

almost ready for party time!

my attempt at making a really cool birthday cake. i wanted it to say “tractor tippin’s fun!” but i couldn’t fit it on this mini-cake, so i settled for “3” :)

and some cupcakes

let the madness begin!

oh look- it’s a picture that’s in focus. hmm. how bazaar.

elias with a frosting face

elias and cousin jack

and a little video to capture some of the fun. (warning- my family cannot be held responsible for any of their actions or background conversations. bartletts are crazy. they just are.)

this is elias opening his gift from grandma and grandpa in indiana, so this one’s especially for them. enjoy! we love you!

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you Michelle for putting the video on your blog spot. It makes us smile to actually be able to see Elias as he opens his gifts. Have a great third birthday, week.
    Love Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Art