finale: a picture post of my boy-boy

May 16, 2009 by

i have to preface this post by insisting that it may seem ridiculous how many pictures there are, but more ridiculous than that are how many thousands of pictures i have taken in the past 3 years. no joke. i’ve taken over 2000 photos…since december. i have a problem. i realize this. and i need to seek help. but first, take a trip on a fantastic elias voyage.
this is elias just a few months grown. in jamaica. he’s a traveller…

not fully grown, but getting there


proud dada. tiny boy.

smiling from one day old…

on his first road trip to maine to see nana and grampy pete

with cadence, his bestest bud

loved this hat

and this hat. te-he. and those CHEEKS!

drooling. yum.

halloween. not so much with the jalapeno costume. oh well…

getting big. yeah, and i loved this hat too. what can i say? i love hats.


“look, ma! i’m standing! thumbs up!”

trouble-maker. risk-taker.

elias sitting in a wok. he sat there for the longest time, too.

with his pal cricket. who sadly had to go back to the shelter.
she sure was cute, though.

elias in a bucket at the beach. this was the only way i could keep him from running full speed into the waves. like a total nut.

elias with his monkey…snuggling

bath time!

eli at auntie kristen’s old apartment. having a brew. making andy laugh. always going for the laugh, this one.

eli the tool man

rock star, mohawk


playing with bubbles in the yard

elias meets piper

kisses for sissy

family photo!


proud big brother

elias and alicia

shaving with dada

posin’…and goofin’

hot chocolate face

climbing, of course

eli playing soccer with dada, just last week

so there’s a glimpse- really, just a glimpse, of the past three years. thank you for joining me for elias week. it was special for me to be able to write to him and about him this week. i really loved it.
have a fantastic weekend!

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