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May 10, 2009 by

dear mum,

i only have a moment, because i’m running around the house finishing up details for my baby’s birthday party. i feel like you, calling him my baby when he’s almost 3, since you still call me your baby girl. i actually just got off the phone with you, asking you for some food coloring so i can make elias a cool birthday cake. well, it won’t be as cool as any of the cakes you made us kids growing up, but i’m fine with that. although i should be writing your mother’s day card, i thought i’d take a moment to let you know how this baby girl feel about her mama:

i just have to tell you that i love so many things about you. i love how inappropriate you are, how when you laugh hard, you turn bright red and start to cough until you can’t breathe (just like your mum). i love how you nurture everyone, care for everyone, and i’m so happy when you take the time to care for yourself, too.

i love that your so chatty, and so goofy, and so lovable. and how you think of little thoughtful things to do for people all the time. when the thoughtful thing is cooking a meal, i’m sure that’s every one’s favorite. because your cooking is no joke. thanks for teaching me and letting me help in the kitchen. my husband really appreciates it.

you’re so warm and sunny and snugly, and i learn mum skills from you constantly. like when i say ‘my house is a mess!’ and you just laugh and say ‘who cares?’ i still have a lot to learn! you’re a loving woman and a teachable woman, and i respect that about you. i also respect you for being the best wife you can be. being a great wife and a great mother is much easier said than done.

i love spending time with you (thanks for all the grilled cheeses), and knowing that if i call you, you’ll totally know the answer to my question. i love your willingness, and i love your sense of humor.

and i love that your email inbox has literally thousands of emails…just in case you need them :)

i’m glad to be your daughter, even if you can’t multi-task when your on the phone, and if you gave me the genes that make me a menace in the kitchen, constantly cutting and burning myself. don’t worry- it’s okay, i still love you.

now that i’m a mum, i thanks God for you every day. for every sacrifice, every moment of selflessness, for all your love, for every meal, for every load of laundry, for every ride you gave me, for all your advice, and every time you just listened, for every time you let me make mistakes, and every time you didn’t say ‘i told you so.’ thank you for giving me some footing to stand on with these nutso kids i am trying to mother.

just know that i appreciate you. and i think the world of you. and you are very loved.

happy mother’s day.

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  1. sirkalicious so delicious

    ahh! i really like your mum, too. she’s like a fairy godmother for the whole world. wings would NOT look out of place on her back.