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it was SO nostalgic to be back at lasell for the 2009 fashion show. it brought back so many great memories of the four years i spent living in newton, brighton, and allston. lots of good times with good friends. truly. just remembering my four years in the fashion department- the professors, the projects, the events, modeling in fashion shows, working on polished magazine, trips to new york city, traveling with the vintage clothing collection…it’s all so vivid in my mind.

i honestly can’t believe that it’s been 5 years since i graduated. a LOT has happened in that time. you know, dating my husband, our engagement, a wedding, marriage, six jobs (between dave and i), a pastorate, two homes, two pregnancies, two kids, two dogs. holy canoli! and really- who EVER could have imagined i’d be a pastor’s wife just a few years after graduation? ha! it just shows that God is faithful. and his plans are not our plans (anyone else out there thankful for that?).

but what a fun night! the show was top notch, and after, we headed down moody street to solea tapas bar, had some sangria and tapas, and chatted the night away. i don’t get to see my old roommates (and fellow merchandising majors) amber and ashley very frequently. amber lives in rockport and has two little ones of her own, and ashley’s always flying all over the country for work (she works for the north face). leelee, my best friend of 10 plus years see each other weekly, but not free of children, so we rarely can have an uninterrupted or cohesive conversation. thus, whenever presented with an opportunity to get out, mamas always do whatever it takes to bust out of jail.

so here we are, looking all mighty fine out of our minds, outside of solea. (left to right: leeann, amber, myself, and ashley). cheers to friendships that stand the test of time and distance!

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  1. sirkalicious so delicious

    oooh, hola solea! te amo.

  2. suzannah

    girlfriends, tapas, and sangria? sounds like heaven!