why is this mouse so FAT?

May 26, 2009 by

this is the question i kept asking when we caught ribbons just a couple weeks ago.

why is he so FAT?!

was he really feasting on THAT many bread crumbs under the toaster?! and then suddenly it became clear. ribbons is no boy (and with a name like ribbons, this is lucky)…ribbons is a girl. and not just a girl. a MAMA.

to four little teeny tiny mouse babies.


now i have FIVE mice! elias has been calling them “uno, dos, tres, and cuatro” but undecided on which of the many amazing spanish numbers to choose from, he also calls one of them cinco.

i guess i’m in too deep now to go back. truth is, uno, dos, tres, and cuatro/cinco are REALLY cute (if mice don’t freak you out, anyway). now i need to figure out WHAT i’m going to do with 5 mice…especially when being brothers and sisters doesn’t exactly concern them in the mating arena ;) any good ideas?

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  1. suzannah

    i still can’t believe you converted your one pest to five pets–outrageous! good luck:)

  2. Jessi

    so you win mom of the century award! Not only did you let Elias keep a mouse, you haven’t thrown the baby mice out?! Well, that does sound harsh I guess, but still – five mice. yikes. :)

  3. WitchyEditor

    I think this is so cute. I’m glad you decided to keep them.