ain’t no sunshine

Jun 25, 2009 by

(remember this?)

this may be my fault. i might have jinxed it.

i put my air conditioners in a couple weeks ago…and it’s been raining and grey ever since. and ever since i put my shade up in my kitchen window the sun has refused to shine. i have yet to actually USE this shade. it has not moved. there has yet to be any sunshine in my eyes.


it’s JUNE.
almost JULY.

no sun presents a few problems. not including the fact that i am getting a little crazier every day.

  1. there are about a thousand mushrooms growing in my new patch of sod. awesome.
  2. miss piper is too big for all her warm clothes, so she’s an a two or three outfit rotation, while all her pretty summer clothes hang in her closet. yuck.
  3. and elias, is DYING to go swimming/go outside/do anything that is not inside, and it’s been so wet and rainy, i haven’t been able to exercise him like he needs (does that make him sound like my pet, or something? ah well. it’s true).

our garden, on the other hand, will probably be a jungle by the time we get back from vacation. look at the bright side, right?! wait a minute…what does bright look like?

i need to be get a move on with packing and gearing up for vacation. and i swear i need vitamin D to be productive and get excited.
is anyone else like that?

for now, i am just waiting for the sun to come out. like annie or something. since pastor’s wives don’t have any more pull with God when it comes to weather, i guess i’ll just have to be patient ;)

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