don’t drink the water

Jun 5, 2009 by

don’t drink the water


“don’t drink the water” is phrase used frequently at new hope. you see, when one person gets pregnant, everyone gets all nervous and suspicious. because when one gets pregnant, it starts a pandemic. i can’t remember a time in 20 years at new hope where someone was pregnant alone; there are always 3 or more women pregnant at the same time. it’s just how we do it here. i can’t explain it. luckily, the quota of 3 is already filled right now, which may mean i’m safe. because seriously, God has his own plans and sure does some miraculous wonders with our women’s wombs. impossibility and pregnancy are never in the same sentence (umm, except right here). just ask leeann and elya, two of my featured mamas in this blog.


basically, i’m feeling the mama love lately, with all these babies and pregnancies and all. it’s like i’m in baby lal-la land, all drippy and excited and ooey and gooey over pregnant women and/or teeny tiny babies. 

and i’m not even joking about the number of babies and bellies. let’s see…

my best friend leelee is unexpectedly pregnant with her third when there was a 99.9% chance that could not happen; my friend elya is miraculously pregnant with a baby girl (tentatively named “charlotte” by yours truly) when doctors pretty much told her there was no way for her to conceive; my fellow blog friend suzannah is expecting a baby boy, and my west coast girlfriend jesse just had her third, a baby boy named benjamin. not to mention my friend april who just had her third, bridget, and dave’s cousin gretchen, who just had her third, emaline. fellow-MOPS attenders, shannon and christy, pregnant with their second and fifth, respectively. also pregnant, my friend nick’s wife, tracy, with a boy, and my college friend sara, and high school friend jen. oh, and sarah just had a baby boy, jaxon, a couple months ago, who is really quite adorable.


EVERYONE is pregnant or snuggling babies! 

this fever has led everyone and their mother to continue asking me if i’m expecting. especially because leeann and i have been pregnant together with both our babies (who are…no longer babies). it’s funny, i kind of feel like i’m leaving her out on a limb or something by not being pregnant! it feels unnatural. truthfully, seeing all these babies and bellies is making me wonder if i want another. i think in theory i do, but in reality…i don’t. it’s like being pregnant- it’s cool in theory, but when you’re carrying another person around (that kicks and punches you) all day, every day for 40 weeks, it’s not so cool anymore. at least i didn’t think it was. so i’m not sure.

right now, i feel very content and blessed with two.

and…i feel busy.

so i give it up to the women who have three or more small people to tend to. you’re more severely outnumbered than i am, so i commend you. you might be a saint. if not, you’re likely quite close.

and i’m going to keep thinking on this whole baby thing. right now, i’m going to enjoy what God has given me, and see what his plan unfolds. i don’t know…i may find that ribbons is the only gal around here having lots of babies :)

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  1. Amber M. Bazdar

    Oh, you so have the baby itch. I can tell. Have another babe! Lets get prego together – I wont leave you hanging ;)

  2. michelle

    hahaha, dave is going to take a legitimate amount of convincing. i may have the itch, but do i have…the FEVER? tbd.

    do YOU want to get prego again, you crazy nut? whatis lucas, four months?

  3. sirkalicious so delicious

    get pregnant! sleep when you're dead! give me another stratton baby to love al up on.

    maybe you should add a poll to your blog called 'should michelle get pregnant?'

    i know i'll vote.