dustbowl freak out

Jun 3, 2009 by

(my backyard)
i have 8 minutes before annie’s mac and cheese is done and i have to do lunch and naps. i have to purge this anxiety before then, or i’m going to freak right out. as you know, there are 10 wheelers dropping dirt in my backyard like no ones business. the result of this is DUST. dusty dirty dirt. EVERYWHERE. on all the toys, on my carpets, tracked throughout my house, all over the kids clothes and in their hair and eyeballs. EVERYWHERE. literally a dustbowl and i can’t deal with it anymore!! an there is no way sod is getting laid (that doesn’t sound right…) in the backyard until the end of the week because NO ONE has any! ahhhhh! and i have a laundry list (that includes laundry) of things i have to do this afternoon, including, but not limited to:

-cleaning othe mouse house. gross. but unocinco are cute, so i’ll do it.
-finish organizing the shed. i pulled everything out of it this morning…and now it’s pulled apart. gotta finish that up.
-dishes. these were largely ignored in the flurry yesterday.
-laundry. this dirt is making laundry an insurmountable task. or maybe that’s an overstatement. nah. it’s pretty ridiculous.
-clean toy room. yikes. i’m tripping over toys, man.
-deal with the recycling. this is the out of control part of the garage, and now, my kitchen. that and the trash. but dave’s truck has the dump sticker, so i can’t do this one until he’s home. there are cans and bottles and cardboard…everywhere.
-go to the grocery store. gotta fit this one in. where? don’t know…
-re-schedule the kids doctors appointments. since i scheduled them for the week we’re on vacation. way to go.
-oh, and go feed my kids lunch right now. and put them down for naps. timer’s beeping!

so there it is. and wow, i feel better. thanks for letting me get all that out. anyone else out there have little freak outs that surprisingly go away once you talk them out?

or maybe that’s just me

moments like these are when i remember who’s strength i’m relying on. (hint: it’s not mine). thank God for that!

now- gotta get to it!

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